Feb 13,

Lunch & learn Lecture Series: Part 201 Panel Discussion

Sue Leeming, Director, MDEQ Remediation & Redevelopment Division
Brad Venman, NTH Consultants, Ltd.
Matt Eugster, Varnum Law
ACT 581 Presentation

lunch & learn lecture series: navigating miwaters

Sarah Ehinger, MDEQ Water Resources Division - Presentation

jan 16,

dec 5,

SEMINAR & SOCIAL HOUR: Environmental Risk Communication and the Public

Robert Sills, Toxics Unit Supervisor, MDEQ Air Quality Division - Presentation

nov 8,

Joint Conference

Cathy Stepp, Region 5 Administrator — Remarks to West Michigan Joint Conference Attendees
Joint Conference Presentations

oct 2,

Lunch & Learn Lecture Series: Kent County (Draft) Sustainable Business Park Master Plan

Dar Baas, Director of Public Works, Kent Count Department of Public Works — KCDPW Sustainable Business Park

jun 1,

technical session & golf outing: OZONE ACTION DAYS FORECASTING & PART 115 PROPOSED UPDATES

Stephanie M. Hengesbach, Meteorologist, MDEQ — Ozone Action Days Forecasting
Liz Browne, Special Projects Administrator, MDEQ — Part 115 Update

U.S. EPA's New E-Manifest System

Steve Donnelly, U.S. EPA’s e-Manifest Coordinator
e-Manifest Michigan Waste Workshop
e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Generators

May 9,


MDEQ Director Updates:
Mary Ann Dolehanty, Acting Director, Air Quality Division Update
Kathleen Shirey, Acting Director, Remediation and Redevelopment Division Update
Jack Schinderle, Director, Waste Management and Radiological Protection Division Update
Susan Wenzlick, Brownfield Redevelopment Unit, MDEQ – New Environmental Clean-up Funding Initiatives
Erica Wolf, MDEQ – Impacts of Ozone Nonattainment Designations
Tracey McDonald, MDEQ; Stephanie Jarrett, Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber – Air Quality Permit to Install Exemptions - Navigating Meaningful Change, Rule 290/291, and Other Recent Changes
Lisa Quiggle, Acting Manager, MDHHS – Vapor Intrusion - Department of Health and Human Services Perspective
Brian Rice, Fleis & VandenBrink Engineering; Nathan Eklund, Pace Analytical Services – Emerging Contaminants - PFAS Field and Laboratory Observations

APR 25,

mar 21,

23rd annual hazardous waste management workshop

Eric Beckman, Young's Environmental: Emergency Spill Response
Trisha Confer, DEQ: Part III Rule Changes
                                        Nathan Hude, DEQ: Integrated Assessment Program
                                        Wade O'Boyle, DEQ: Common Violations and How to Avoid Them
                                        Dave Schepis, Veolia: Solvent Reclaim and Secondary Chemical Markets

lunch & learn lecture series: pfas

John Cuthbertson, AECOM: PFAS - Emerging Contaminant Issues in Michigan
Heidi Hollenbach, MDEQ: MPART Program

feb 22,

lunch & learn lecture series: tier ii revisions clarified

Michael Young, MDEQ: Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's SARA Title III Program
Liz Marsh, FTCH: Tier II Updates

Jan 4, 2018

nOV 8,

joint conference

MDEQ Division Updates
      Lynn Fiedler, Director, Air Quality Division
      Kathy Shirey, Acting Director, Remediation and Redevelopment Division
      Jack Schinderle, Director, Waste Management and Radiological Protection Division
 David Harn & Matthew Williams, MDEQ - Vapor Intrusion and Implementation
 Stuart Batterman, UM School of Public Health, & Simone Sagovac, Southwest Detroit Community Benefits
 Coalition - Community Action to Promote Healthy Environments
 Howard Learner, Environmental Law and Policy Center - 10th Amendment States' Rights Environmentalism and   Regulatory Uncertainty – What Really Happens When Some States and Polluting Industries Actually Get What   They Asked For 
Brad Venman, NTH Consultants - Part 201 Cleanup Criteria
 Hot Topics in Air Quality:
      Paul Collins, Miller Canfield  
      Kurt Kissling, Pepper Hamilton LLP
      Matthew Hall, Consumers Energy
 Cynthia Giles, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Executive Fellow, Energy and Environment Lab, University of   Chicago; Former Assistant Administrator for U.S. EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance - What   Can We Agree On? Improving Environmental Quality with Existing Budgets and Innovative Strategies


Mike Gurnee, Brownfield Coordinator, MDEQ – Brownfield 101
Susan Wenzlick, Communications Coordinator, MDEQ – Communications and Collaboration

Sep 12,

jun 2,

technical session & golf outing: michigan's energy landscape

Deanna Anchors, Consumer Energy – presentation

apr 27,


Dr. Bruno Takahashi – Risk Perception and the Public
Bob Sills, MDEQ – The Regulator’s Tightrope: Agency Communications with the Public
C. Leslie Charles – Handling Pressure Communications - Critical Skills for Today’s Turbulent Times
Chris Occhipinti, NTH Consultants – New EPA Guidance for Air Quality Modeling
David O’Donnell & Jeanne Schlaufman, MDEQ – Part 201 Updates: Vapor Intrusion and Due Care  
Deb MacKenzie-Taylor, MDEQ – TSCA Update  
Steve Sliver, MDEQ – Updating Part 115 - A New Focus for Solid Waste Law 

22nd Annual Hazardous Waste Management Workshop


Jim Ferritto, DEQ – DEQ Hazardous Waste Program Updates
Dan DeWitt, Warner Norcross & Judd – EPA Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements
Dan Greene, FTCH – Emerging Issues in Vapor Intrusion

Mar 22,

jan 19,

Ozone Nonattainment Designations & Air Quality Part 2 Rule Changes


Tracey McDonald & Bob Sills – Exemptions
Mary Maupin – Ozone

dec 1, 2016

Joint Conference


Grant Trigger – RACER Trust
Lynn Fiedler – Chief, Air Quality Division
Susan Leeming – Acting Chief, Remediation and Redevelopment Division
Steve Sliver – Acting Chief, Office of Waste Management and Radiological Protection
Susan Masten - All things HAPs!! – Potential to Emit, Limiting PTE, Tracking Emissions/Fugitives, and Enforcement Issues
Jackie Linck – FTCH
Steve Lachance – MDEQ
Steve Kohl – Waste – Zero Waste to Landfill Program Development and Risks
Tim Buisch – Ford Motor Company
Scott Hubbard – WNJ
Dan DeWitt – Air – Recent developments and issues related to Nonattainment Designations
Steve Zervas – Waste – Unique Recycling Opportunities for Industry
Andy Gale – Bay Area Recycling
Kerrin O’Brien – Michigan Recycling Coalition
Heidi Grether – Human Population Through Time – YouTube

oct 26, 

Practical Experience Conducting Industrial Storm Water Visual Assessments


Ryan Grant, MDEQ-WRD
Josh Mueller, Haviland Enterprises, Inc.