April 27, 2017 – Spring Conference: Rebuilding Trust in Tumultuous Times

PRESENTATION: Risk Perception and the Public – Bruno Takahashi, Ph.D., MSU Knight Center for Environmental Journalism
PRESENTATION: The Regulator’s Tightrope: Agency Communications with the Public – Bob Sills, Toxicologist, MDEQ, Air Quality Division (AQD)
PRESENTATION: Handling Pressure Communications – Critical Skills for Today’s Turbulent Times – C. Leslie Charles, CSP, TRAININGWORKS
PRESENTATION: New EPA Guidance for Air Quality Modeling – Chris Occhipinti, NTH Consultants
PRESENTATION: Part 201 Updates: Vapor Intrusion and Due Care – David O’Donnell & Jeanne Schlaufman, MDEQ, RRD
PRESENTATION: TSCA Update – Deb MacKenzie-Taylor, MDEQ, Waste Management and Radiological Protection Division (WMRPD)
PRESENTATION: Updating Part 115 – A New Focus for Solid Waste Law – Steve Sliver, MDEQ, WMRPD

March 22, 2017 – 22nd Annual Hazardous Waste Management Workshop

PRESENTATION: Jim Ferritto, DEQ – DEQ Hazardous Waste Program Updates
PRESENTATION: Dan DeWitt, Warner Norcross & Judd – EPA Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements
PRESENTATION: Dan Greene, FTCH – Emerging Issues in Vapor Intrusion


January 19, 2017 – Ozone Nonattainment Designations & Air Quality Part 2 Rule Changes

PRESENTATION: Tracey McDonald & Bob Sills – Exemptions
PRESENTATION: Mary Maupin – Ozone


December 1, 2016 Joint Conference

Morning Speaker: RACER Trust – 5-year Update, Mr. Grant Trigger – RACER Trust
MDEQ Division Chiefs:
Lynn Fiedler – Chief, Air Quality Division
Susan Leeming – Acting Chief, Remediation and Redevelopment Division
Steve Sliver – Acting Chief, Office of Waste Management and Radiological Protection
Lunch Speaker: Susan Masten, Ph.D., P.E.
Air – All things HAPs!! – Potential to Emit, Limiting PTE, Tracking Emissions/Fugitives, and Enforcement Issues
Moderator – Mr. Paul Collins – Miller Canfield
Jackie Linck – FTCH
Steve Lachance – MDEQ
Steve Kohl – WNJ
Waste – Zero Waste to Landfill Program Development and Risks
Tim Buisch – Ford Motor Company
Scott Hubbard – WNJ
Dan DeWitt – WNJ
Air – Recent developments and issues related to Nonattainment Designations
Steve Zervas – DTE Energy Services
Waste – Unique Recycling Opportunities for Industry
Andy Gale – Bay Area Recycling
Kerrin O’Brien – Michigan Recycling Coalition
Closing Presentation – Heidi Grether – Director, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Human Population Through Time – YouTube


October 27, 2016 – Practical Experience Conducting Industrial Storm Water Visual Assessments

PRESENTATION: Josh Mueller, Haviland Enterprises, Inc.


September 27, 2016 – Planning for Hazardous Materials Emergencies

Presenters: Jack Stewart, Local Emergency Planning Coordinator for Kent County, and Jason Kelley, Hazardous Materials Planner, Grand Rapids Fire Department

SARA Guidebook


June 3, 2016 – Environmental Management Systems

PRESENTATION: 2016, 6.3_Lynn Zimmerman_Steelcase Inc.
PRESENTATION: 2016, 6.3_Jeff Eves_Intertek
F103-12-EMS-2015 ISO 14001 2015 Checklist Guidance
PRESENTATION: 2016, 6.3_Devan Dodge_MDEQ


May 18, 2016 – Emerging Issues in Vapor Intrusion

PRESENTATION: Abigail Hendershott_MDEQ_Vapor Intrusion Emerging Concepts
PRESENTATION: Paul French_Envirologic Technologies, Inc._Lessons from the Field
PRESENTATION: Kelly Smith_Land Science Technologies_Vapor Intrusion Solutions

Presentation Recording


Apr. 28, 2016 – Spring Conference – Environmental Management: The Next Generation

PRESENTATION: 1_Marshall_The Roles and Relationship of MDEQ and USEPA Air Enforcement
PRESENTATION: 2_Camilleri_The Roles and Relationship of MDEQ and USEPA Air Enforcement
PRESENTATION: 3_Merchant_Kalamazoo Allied Superfund Site Cooperation is Possible and Relationships Matter
PRESENTATION: 4_Messersmith_Environmental Justice Challenges and Opportunities – EPA Perspective
PRESENTATION: 5_Hood_Environmental Justice in West Michigan  WMEAC’s IDEAL Initiative
PRESENTATION: 6_Atkin_You’re Not the Boss of Me Leading When You Are Not in Charge
PRESENTATION: 7_Maupin_Next Steps for the New Ozone Standard
PRESENTATION: 8_Seidel_Working with Michigan Rule 901
PRESENTATION: 9-10_Byl and Kohl_Recent Legal Precedents
PRESENTATION: 11_Lazzaro, Fugitive Dust Control Methods
PRESENTATION: 12_Blye_Critical Evaluation of Laboratory Results
PRESENTATION: 13_Boeskool_Update on Michigan’s New Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund
PRESENTATION: 14_Sliver_Update on Waste Programs Parts 111, 115, and 121


Mar. 24, 2016 – EPA’s Next Generation Compliance

PRESENTATION: Charmagne Ackerman, U.S. EPA, Region 5


Feb. 24, 2016 – 21st Annual Hazardous Waste Management Workshop

PRESENTATION: Trisha Confer, MDEQ: Program Updates
PRESENTATION: Cori Joseph & Mike Cate, US Ecology: Waste Approval Process
PRESENTATION: Nate Koster, Anterior Quest: Dental Wastewater Mercury Reclamation
PRESENTATION: Clark Schreiner, Brenntag Great Lakes: Solvent Reclamation
PRESENTATION: Chas Petersen, ERG Environmental: PCB/TSCA Waste Characterization

Webinar Recording

Jan. 28, 2016 Lunch & Learn Lecture Series: Paying for your Grandparents Sins – Understanding the Kent County Solid Waste Surcharge

PRESENTATION: Dar Baas, Kent County Department of Public Works

Dec. 16, 2015 Lunch & Learn Lecture Series: Michigan’s New Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund


Oct. 6, 2015 Lunch & Learn Lecture Series: Conceptual Site Models and Remediation Strategies

PRESENTATION: Sara Pearson, Program Specialist MDEQ RRD

Sept. 18, 2015 Technical Session & Golf Outing Scholarship Fundraiser

Grant-Visual Assessment_New Stormwater Permit Requirement
Boyer-Stormwater Recycling at WMU
Drullinger-Green Infrastructure_The Future of Stormwater Management
Goodwin-Harmful Algae Blooms


May 14, 2015 Beneficial Use luncheon

2015, 5.14 Gypsoil_ppt
2015, 5.14 GYPSOIL brochure


Apr. 30, 2015 Spring Conference, The Business of Sustainability: Driving Growth by Managing Regulation, Risk and Resources

D_Nally, J_Connell, Hollands Sustainable ROI
Director Dan Wyant
John Bradburn, GM Recycling presentation
Matt Flechter, DEQ
Nick Carlson, Goodwill


Mar. 25, 2015 Air Dispersion Modeling Guidance

2015, 3.25 Presentation, DEQ Smith & Switzer
2015, 3.25 Presentation, Brian Leahy


Feb. 25, 2015 Hazardous Waste Management Workshop

Jack Schinderle DEQ Haz Waste Update
Consumers Energy Waste Vendor Evaluations
Aevitas Checklist presentation v150225 final

Jan. 29, 2015 Emergency Preparedness luncheon with Jack Stewart, Kent County Local Emergency Planning Coordinator

2015, 1.29 GRKC Booklet
2015, 1.29 GRKC Brochure

Oct. 28, 2014 Joint Conference Presentations

1 – DEQ OWMRP, Chief Bryce Feighner
1 – DEQ RRD, Asst. Chief Sue Erickson
1 – DEQ WQD, Chief Bill Creal
2 – USEPA Region V, Gary Victorine – History and Status of DSW Rule
3 – Rep. Sarah Roberts – 10.28.2014 DGR
4 – AIR – Brad Venman, NTH
5 – AIR – John Iwanski, Trinity Consultants
6 – AIR – S. Lee Johnson, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn
4 – WASTE – Jack Schinderle, DEQ OWMRP – Liquid Industrial Waste Stakeholder Recommendations
5 – WASTE – Duane Roskosky, DEQ OWMRP – Diverted Waste and Beneficial Reuse Legislation
6 – WASTE – Matt Flechter, DEQ OWMRP – Governor’s Recycling Initiative
7 – Katie Hoeksema, MI House Republican Policy Office – A Roadmap for Legislative Advocacy in Michigan
7 – Katie Hoeksema – HRPO Directory
8 – Ariana Gonzalez, NRDC
8 – Brian Rybarik, MISO
8 – Greg Ryan, DTE
8 – Nick Evans, LARA


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