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Uncovering the Business Opportunity in your Waste and By-Product Materials

Pulling materials through the recycling system by increasing demand is critical to success. Michigan's material recovery facilities are producing bales of usable materials on a daily basis, and Michigan manufacturers are more motivated than ever to source recycled content and keep their waste and by-products out of the landfill.

In this webinar we’ll dive into the Michigan Materials Marketplace - a new program to connect Michigan businesses to develop and scale new reuse and recycling market opportunities. Manufacturers are using the Marketplace to source materials and find new solutions for challenging wastes and by-products, recycling companies are uncovering new customers and end-markets, and entrepreneurs are using the program as an innovation platform to build new reuse and recycling businesses.

Attendees will learn how to get engaged and hear an update from EGLE on the latest progress to grow recycling markets in Michigan. We'll discuss materials and process trends, how-to post listings and tips on marketing materials for success, and how-to interact with other businesses through the Marketplace program. Your registration will also include an invitation to join the Marketplace.

Who should attend: Operations and plant managers at Michigan businesses producing waste and by-product materials; purchasing and R&D roles at manufacturers looking to source post-consumer and post-industrial materials; recycling, remanufacturing and materials processing solution providers; recycling companies looking to develop new end-markets; and entrepreneurs interested in building new reuse and recycling businesses in Michigan.